April 6, 2010

Ideate 2011 Migration Tips - Network Considerations

Are you on Subscription, ready to download 2011, or considering a move to the new release? Ideate's Technical Support team has put together the key things you need to know - answers to frequently asked questions about migrating to Autodesk 2011 products, including hardware recommendations and network considerations.

Network Considerations:
1. Workstation - each workstation should have a gigbit ethernet card. This can be checked by going to My Computer>Properties>Hardware>Device Manager.

2. Cables - should be Cat5e or Cat6 throughout. Check the cable from the computer to the wall. If the in-wall cables have not be installed or modified prior to January 2005 then there's a good chance that they will not meet this criteria.

3. Network Switch - the network switch should be a gigabit switch. You may need to research the model number online to determine whether it meets this criteria.

Visit the Ideate 2011 Portal for everything you need to know about Autodesk's newest software products.

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