March 18, 2010

Affordably Green - Fox Courts by Pyatok Architects

Congratulations to Ideate client Pyatok Architects for achieving the second highest GreenPoint rating for an apartment building in the state of California!

We admire the design concepts and details that Pyatok Architects brought to the Fox Courts project in Oakland, resulting in sustainable affordable housing.

The Spring 2010 Pyatok newsletter describes the project:

Opened in 2009, Fox Courts is an 80-unit affordable housing development for working individuals and families. Its signature features include: two central courtyards that allow natural ventilation in all the apartments, studio lofts and stacked townhouses; streetfront stoops and on-site childcare; tiles and murals produced by local artists to reflect local identities; and its prime location in a resurging neighborhood in downtown Oakland and near major transit systems.

Not only is it centrally located near public transit, it was designed with numerous elements of energy–saving technology in its design. The building’s common areas are powered by 297 photovoltaic panels on the roof. Every apartment has Energy Star appliances and uses hydronic heat radiators instead of forced air heaters or electrical units. Environmentally friendly materials such as low–VOC carpeting and geniune linoleum flooring are found throughout the building. All together, the sustainable and efficient systems combined to earn Fox Courts the 2nd highest GreenPoint Rating (143) in California.

Click here to read the complete article, including fascinating background Before the Design .

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