December 30, 2008

Autodesk Licensing Tip

Did you know…
When you create a network version of the software, you are saving a Service, just like the Standalone’s create?
Whatever you name them, will be the service created on the “server”.
(Below is a snapshot of LMTools)
Step 1. Give it a name
Step 2. Save the Service

If you go to Start > Run > and type SERVICES.MSC (and hit enter) you will get this dialog box:
Here’s where you’d find that Service.

This dialog shows “Flexlm Service 1” only as an example, although we should always give it a name to describe the licenses in the service. Customers should use “3ds Max and Revit 2009 Licenses” or something like that.

Check out your services, by going through the step above for “running” services.msc and see what is added for your standalone licenses and/or network versions. You should see all kinds.
I show these:
Helpful Tip:
If you are using a Laptop machine, and you’ve unplugged the battery, it will disable that service and you will get an error. Just go to “services.msc” and right click on the service to start it up again. Oh…you can also just plug the battery back in…

- Mark D. Roach
Ideate Inc

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